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Hypergamy is the pursuit of a partner who not only complements but elevates your status—socially, economically, and emotionally—allowing you both to achieve more together than alone. It’s a sophisticated dance of mutual enhancement, where each partner’s strengths address the other’s weaknesses, taking each partner’s life to new heights as a result.


Saying No to Mediocrity Can Open the Door to True Love

Tired of disappointing dates and feeling alone despite your high standards? Finding love with someone who matches your ambitions isn’t hard; you’re just looking in the wrong places. Let’s face it, the world of dating apps isn’t designed for those who refuse to settle. Friends and societal pressures make it even harder to find the perfect partner. So, stop settling and compromising. Watch our video above to discover how to find the love you deserve.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking.com. I have a question for you. Where do the world’s most successful people go to find the perfect partner? Hint it’s not your typical dating app. Imagine you had a five star resort overlooking the Amalfi Coast. You’re drinking champagne with the person you love most. Every word you say makes them fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

That is how life should be. But if you like a lot of great men and women, finding that ideal partner seems totally out of reach. It’s not that you can’t get dates. The problem is that no one meets your standards. You haven’t met anyone, is driven smart or into the finer things in life like you are. Friends and family tell you to be realistic that you can’t have everything.

But deep down, you’re starting to wonder, are they right? If this sounds awfully familiar, I need you to listen closely. What you are experiencing isn’t just bad luck or high standards. It’s something called the settling trap, and it’s stopping you from finding the love you deserve. I’ll explain exactly what the settling trap is later on, but just know that it’s similar to not having a job you like.

The job pays the bills, but it doesn’t get you excited. You show up, but deep down you know there’s something better out there for you.

Something that actually makes you feel alive. It’s the same with relationships. When you’re stuck in the settling trap, you end up with partners that are just okay. They might check some boxes, but not all of them.

Sadly, these relationships usually end up in resentment. You start blaming each other for small things. You don’t listen as intently as you need to. You do the bare minimum just to get by all because you settle for someone who didn’t meet your standards. But luckily, you don’t have to settle. In the next 90 seconds I’ll tell you the secret to escaping the settling trap and having a relationship so great that all your friends will be asking you.

How did you find someone so perfect? So keep watching. I remember it like it was yesterday. The summer of the 1980s. I was a teenager struggling to find my place, especially when it came to dating. My confidence was low and I felt like I didn’t stand a chance with the girls. My mother being a great mom saw I was struggling and gave me some great life changing advice.

Focus on your school, Brandon. Don’t worry about dating. Someday you’ll be successful and all the girls will fight for your attention, she said. I took her words to heart and made learning my top priority. I worked hard and built a successful career and became the man I am today. But despite my achievements, my love life continued to suffer. I tried dating agencies and mainstream sites and it seemed like looks were everything that mattered.

There was no platform for smart, interesting and successful people like me to succeed. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. In 2006, I coded day and night for a month straight and Seeking Arrangement was born. I wanted a place where people could be upfront, honest and transparent about what they want in relationships.

Fast forward to today. And Seeking has become a leader in the luxury dating space, changing the way people approach love and relationships. But I did not stop there.

I wanted to create a community where high value individuals like myself can actually find their perfect match. Someone who shares their values, intellect, and passion for life. And that’s exactly what I created. Now I live the life I’ve always wanted with a partner I met on Seeking.com who loves me the way I am. And I want the same for you.

If you are tired of the same old dating scene, tired of feeling like you’re not good enough and tired of watching life pass you by, then keep watching. Because I’m about to tell you the secrets that changed my life. And can change yours too. But here’s the dirty secret no one talks about. There’s a hidden force working against you, making it nearly impossible for you to find the one.

It’s called the settling trap, and it’s the biggest reason why so many great men and women end up in relationships that simply don’t make them happy. The settling trap is the pressure you feel from everyone around you to lower, lower, and lower your standards. To stop being so picky and just find someone already, even if it means giving up on what you really, really want.

You’ve probably heard the comments. Don’t you think it’s time to be more realistic? You know you’re not getting any younger at this point. You can’t afford to be so picky. All of these pressures create a vicious, vicious cycle. The longer you hold out for that perfect person, the more the pressure builds and you need to settle for less.

and soon enough you start second guessing yourself, thinking maybe they’re right. Maybe your standards are too high. So you go on a date with that okay person your friends set you up with. Even though there’s zero chemistry. Before you know it, you’re stuck in a relationship with someone who just doesn’t really get you.

I’m here to tell you there’s a way to escape the settling trap and do it for good. What if there was a secret place where the most successful, attractive people can find each other? Well, there is. It’s called Seeking. Seeking.com is a place for men and beautiful women just like you, who won’t settle for anything less than a relationship that has a ton of chemistry and connection.

When you join Seeking, you get access to a top tier group of singles who share your high standards for life. You go on dates with someone who’s not just stunningly attractive, but also have their life together. They are the total package and they’re looking for the same thing as you are, a relationship that’s nothing short of amazing. No more sitting and sifting through bad matches and going on dates that end up nowhere.

On Seeking.com, you can focus on finding that person who makes your heart skip a beat. You can finally have the exciting, travel filled love life you’ve always wanted. Jet setting off to Paris for a romantic weekend or exploring the tropical paradise with your partner by your side. When you’re with someone who shares your tastes for adventure, the world becomes your playground.

And that’s exactly the kind of love life that’s waiting for you here. On Seeking the explosive combination of success and love. Now you’re on your way to finding the perfect partner. You have to make a choice, and the path you pick will ultimately shape your future. So choose. Choose carefully and wisely. Option one. Stay right where you are.

Can you picture your life in a few months from now? If you don’t change another Friday night? Swiping through dating apps, feeling your standards stoop and drop a little bit lower with each profile just to find someone who might be decent. What about a year from now? Dreading yet another friend’s wedding?

Putting on a fake smile when they ask you why is someone so amazing still so single? The second option is to try to make the journey yourself. Using what I’ve told you today, it’s a brave choice. And you can keep holding out for the right, perfect person. You might actually get somewhere when you do that, but the road will be longer. You will make more mistakes, and you might not ever find the man or woman of your dreams.

It’s still better than option one, though, right? But what if there was a smarter choice? A path already taken by millions of successful men and women who wanted the quickest, easiest way to meet an incredible partner? That checks all the boxes. Here’s the truth. You don’t have to do this alone. We have already done the hard work for you.

No more frustrating dates. No more settling for just okay. Because Seeking is the elite dating site, designed for successful men and beautiful women who refuse to settle for anything less than the extraordinary in their relationships. Our platform is meant to work. Even if you are feeling like you are too busy to date. You’ve been burned by people who seem great at first, only to turn out that they just want your money.

You’re starting to wonder if you are just too picky, and maybe your standards are a bit unrealistic. You might have a feeling that you could end up alone because you’re not willing to compromise on what you want. You’ve tried all the popular dating apps only to seem to attract people way below your league in looks, success, or smarts.

You’re worried that all the good ones are already taken, and maybe you’ve missed out on your chance on that fairy tale love story you’ve always dreamed about. Everywhere you look, you see happy couples and wonder why not me? Now, before I show you the full power of Seeking, let me be clear what it is not, so we are on the same page.

Seeking is not another dating site where you’re left to fend for yourself in a sea of unverified profiles and catfish, as it’s not a platform for the average man and woman. It is definitely not your typical online dating experience that leaves you frustrated and bored. You’ve wasted enough time and energy on apps that simply don’t deliver. This is the real deal.

Seeking is the result of 18 years of understanding the unique dating needs of successful men and beautiful women. Years of perfecting an easy way to connect high quality and caliber individuals who are serious about finding the one, and seeing the life changing love stories of millions of members in 146 countries worldwide. We know which elements make for romantic compatibility among the elite elements that most dating sites overlook.

And today, their success and my success can become your reality. Seeking is your way to finally gain access to a dating pool of truly exceptional people who understand and appreciate a high class lifestyle.

Connect with relationship minded men and women who are just as selective as you are. The Seeking verification process ensures that everyone is who they say they are, so you can date with confidence and peace of mind.

Having a never ending stream of exciting dates with people who exceed your wildest expectations, feel the joy of finally being with someone who truly sees values and cherishes the real you. And that’s just the beginning of what’s possible when you join Seeking.com.

Before I dive into what a Seeking membership can do for you, let me share something I believe you already know.

There are no push button answers for having a great relationship. Few things in this life are that easy, especially the best things. We both know that when it comes to meeting someone who intuitively understands you. Having dates filled with great conversation and exploring exotic locations, joining Seeking is as easy as it gets.

And that’s the best anyone can ask for. Wouldn’t you agree? Liv thought so and wrote in to let us know. The men I met on Seeking treated me like a queen. He flew me to Los Angeles for a first date. He taught me about business.

We had high level conversations, and for the first time in my dating life, I felt important and valued. This was not just a date, it was an experience with a person who I genuinely admired and looked up to. Ella agrees, saying Seeking was my window to the world of successful, ambitious people. I had always hoped that I could meet someone who had something amazing going on in this life, and I met my current boyfriend that I would never have run into in my day to day life.

He’s from across the world. We had a long distance relationship because he’s a CEO from Tokyo, and then he flew all the way here to meet me. He showed me luxury like I’ve never seen before.

Patrick said of his dating experience on Seeking the girls I’ve dated on Seeking are just on a whole new level. They are serious about their careers and where they want to be in life. They’re not looking to take advantage of anyone or their time. They actually want to be a partner to you. These ladies are smart.

They’re not just eye candy. They’re beautiful and they’re sharp. I’m confident that my future wife is on this website. I’ve never met so many high quality women.

Part of their success and the success of 46 million people over the years, is thanks to five things that make a membership on Seeking stand out.

Number one, a luxury lifestyle. Rather than settling for a mediocre partner who can’t keep up with your fast paced lifestyle. You get to date someone who likes the same luxurious things as you do.

Number two emotional connection. Instead of wasting time on relationships that simply don’t make you happy, you get to really connect with someone you like.

Number three spontaneous travels. No more planning boring vacations. You get to go on exciting adventures to beautiful places with someone who loves exploring too.

Number four fine dining. Enjoy amazing food from Michelin starred restaurants and private chefs with someone who appreciates the art of fine dining as much as you do.

Number five vacations. Escape to luxurious getaways. From five star resorts to first class flights and private villas and much, much more.

So, as you can see, this isn’t just a solution to finding your perfect match. It is the solution. That’s why the minute you sign up on Seeking today, I want you to take the first step towards meeting your dream partner.

And here’s why.

You deserve to have the exciting relationship you’ve always wanted.

And Seeking is the best place to do that. Of course, you can keep doing what you’re doing now, but we both know where that would lead. A life without fun, happiness and connection that you really, really want. You deserve better, right?

That’s why I want to make this easy for you. Look below this video right now, and you see a button to join Seeking. That button is an invitation for people who share our values.

As soon as today, you can meet someone who wants to live the same high end lifestyle as you. But remember, Seeking is not like any other dating apps or websites.

It is where the best meets the best, and all you have to do to join our community and start your dating journey is click the button you see below. Right now.

I understand that you might have some concerns. So let me address some of them. First, some people may think Seeking is for sugar dating, but that’s simply not true. We help people find real relationships based on shared values and goals. We want everyone to find the real deal. You end up meeting people who can keep up with you and support you.

Second, it’s natural to feel worried about what friends and family might think. However, everyone on Seeking is here for the same reason, to find a great relationship. Once you find that perfect person, it won’t really matter what your friends or your families think. As a member of Seeking, you’ll gain access to an exclusive community of successful, attractive, like minded individuals who share your passion for living life to the fullest.

We believe that you deserve the very best when it comes to finding a meaningful relationship. That’s why we invite you to take the first step towards improving your love life by clicking the button below. Your journey to a life filled with luxury, connection, and endless possibilities start here. Welcome to Seeking.